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Toddler with Wooden Toys
​1-Year Old Toddler Class


At this age children love exploring the environment around them and usually develop increased physical ability. Our classroom is setup the way it gives them the opportunity to move around and explore while staying safe. This year also includes rapid verbal development. Our teachers are supporting toddlers’ language development by naming everything around and narrating kids’ and their own actions. Our teachers are constantly engaging in imaginative play with toddlers.

​2-Year Old Little Preschool Class

At this age children absorb tons of information and picking up bits of knowledge on different topics. They are learning new things about the world through play. Our teachers are engaging in imaginative play following children’s lead. Children’s play is structured around the following centers: Blocks, Dramatic Play, Art, Sensory, Math/Manipulative, Library. Our teachers will navigate children through the exploration of topics such as “All about me”, “Colors”, “Animals”, “Families”, “Community helpers”, “Five senses”, etc.

Our teachers are following strong daily routines that develop key social and emotional skills. By participating in familiar activities, children develop a sense of belonging and gain self-confidence.

Kid Playing with Bubble
Boy in Art Class
3-K Classes DOE  Funded

​We have two 3-K classrooms (26 seats in total). 3-K hours are from 9am to 3:20pm, which are free for parents. We offer extended hours from 8am to 6pm (for additional fee). 

At this age children begin to interact and share with others. They transfer from parallel play to interactive play. The classrooms are designed with learning centers, such as Dramatic Play, Blocks, Math/Manipulatives, Arts and Crafts, Library, Sensory, which gives them the opportunity to learn through play. The room is arranged the way the children can explore on their own and be in charge of their own learning. Children are exposed to different art materials and textures such as water, sand, playdough, and more.

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